Welcome to Afghanistan People

My heart broke when the Afghanistan People had to leave their country. I created this site to give a place where the Afghanistan Community can keep in touch with one another.

The directory fee is only $1.00 a year.  Out of that, after PayPal takes their processing fee, I only get .48 cents.  I don’t plan to get rich from this site; I have other sites where I plan to make a “retirement” income (I am retiring in June of 2022).  The membership fee from this site is only to help me with maintenance and the fees I must pay to keep it live.

On your “listing” you can put in as much info as you desire along with up to 25 images.  Please keep your info and images clean (no pornography, foul language or selling guns, drugs, or other illegal items).  Yes, you can sell things from your profile listing.

In your listing be sure to add as many “tags” as you can think of.  If a “tag” is not available, then just email me at admin@afghanistanpeople.com with what you want added and I will add it in as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours).  You can also change your listing anytime you want without any extra fees.

Other registered users can message you and you can reply back & forth.  If anyone posts profanity or sexually explicit images than their listing will be deleted without compensation, so keep it clean.  Administration will not be scanning the site so we will rely on members to report misuse of the site.  Also we do not store your personal/private info; all credit card info is via PayPal. 

We don’t have an app but you can still save the site to your phone’s home screen. 

Please share, share, share with your family and friends and let’s grow this site to be the one and only site for the people of Afghanistan or Afghanistan lineage. So go on and start conversations.

Thank you for your participation in this community.  My love to all.